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Many have been asking about different options to help support hormones…Please click on the blue highlighted words to see the product pages to learn more….


Endogize  (especially formulated to support a healthy and balanced endocrine system in women) This YL supplement used in conjunction with Progessence-Plus-Serum and oils such as Fennel, Clary Sage, Idaho Blue Spruce, Sclaressence, Frankincense and others like Roman Chamomile, Peppermint, and EndoFlex™ (maintain overall vitality with a proprietary blend of essential oils that support the endocrine system.)


Hot Flash Recipe in Capsules

Hot flashes

Also a DIY Hot Flash Mist/Spray (Peppermint, Lavender, and Frankincense a couple of drops of each in Filtered Water)



PD 80/20™ is a dietary supplement formulated to help maximize internal health and support the endocrine system.* It contains pregnenolone and DHEA, two substances produced naturally by the body that decline with age. Pregnenolone is the key precursor for the body’s production of estrogen, DHEA, and progesterone, and it also has an impact on mental acuity and memory.* DHEA is involved in maintaining the health of the cardiovascular and immune systems.*


Estro™ is an herbal tincture formulated to support the female glandular system and to foster a normal, healthy attitude during PMS.* It contains plant-derived phytoestrogens, including black and blue cohosh, which are used extensively in Europe, along with clary sage essential oil, which contains sclareol, an essential oil phytoestrogen.


My hope is to help support my team and so I will be posting some topics that are popular to remind us to use these amazing YL Products!


Blessings, Jennifer Balloun


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Jennifer Balloun has been a part of Young Living Essential Oils for over 8 years. She has spent countless hours researching, taking classes, and attending meetings to hear testimonials and specialists speak about what the Young Living Oils products are doing for them and thousands of others.
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