Light The Fire 2015 Convention Highlights

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Wow… Light the Fire Convention was an amazing opportunity and learning experience once we got past the sheer number of 10,000 people trying to maneuver through the hallways to classes\events\Expos. I am so Proud of YL for stepping up their game when issues arrived. All of the staff I worked with stayed calm and had a great attitude as they worked through these issues and by session B they had most of the kinks worked out. I hope that my team is able to take away some amazing information and motivation. Kyle Maynard (born with arms that end at the elbows and legs near the knees) said it best when he said “no excuses” which is the title to his book. He talked about not complaining and being grateful no matter what the circumstance and that in every situation there is something valuable to be learned. (even if it is about ourselves!) He earned the ESPY Award for Best Male Athlete with a disability in 2004 and 2012 and was the first to crawl, unassisted, to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. I am so thankful I got to hear him speak because through his adversities he is able to share along with others that came to talk about our character and growing in the Christ Likeness (by less of us and more of Him). Please if you did not get to experience his time with us at YL… go to YouTube and look him up… I do not think you will be disappointed. I so wish yall could of all had the experience that Lindy, Kim, Jodie, all the Canadians (that stayed with us) and myself had on that last day of session A.The great thing is we are a team and I want to share as much as I can so we will have classes.


On that note there will now be more opportunity to grow and learn on our Team…


A) I had a meeting with Carol and 7 others…Outcome of that is we will now have monthly conference call with our upline to stay connected, informed and learn about product… all of yall are welcome to join in (more details in email to be sent)

B) Monthly Classes… to continue our education

C) This Website\blog so please encourage those under to please join!

D) Text message with bullet point info

E) Emails with Updates

F) Social Media… Facebook is under Luke Balloun (Jen Balloun), Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest (T,L,P can be accessed from this website)

Again no Excuses as Kyle said…we have each other to lean on not just in YL but as a team in life. I am here to support you!!!

Product Introduced at Light the Fire 2015 Convention

Item # 5436 Cool Azul Sports Gel $39.75, #5332/5333 Dino Land Kidscent Diffuser and Dolphin Reef Diffuser $91.75/ 94.75, #5304 Light the Fire 5ml $44.75, #3071 Ningxia Zing 12 Pack $39.75, #5313 Northern Lights Black Spruce 5ml $28.75, #5292 (not available just yet) Master Formula 30ct $79.75, #3298/3301 Pure Protein Chocolate/Vanilla Spice $65.00, #5297 Slique Bars Chocolate Coated Bars (6) $17.75, #5344 Thieves Fruit and Veggie Soak/Spray $24.75, Thieves Liquid Dish Soap 12oz $13.75, and Thieves Liquid Laundry Soap 32oz. $28.75

There were a few Convention Only items Like the Dead sea Bath salts, Mud Bar and Essential Peel Peppermint and lavender (swatch saturated with the oil)

Please look for more detailed info on each of these New Product items to come out on this blog and through emails in the near future with info on the classes attended as well!


Thank you for all your continued support… My goal is to make sure each of you feel just as supported if not way more.

Jennifer Balloun




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Jennifer Balloun has been a part of Young Living Essential Oils for over 8 years. She has spent countless hours researching, taking classes, and attending meetings to hear testimonials and specialists speak about what the Young Living Oils products are doing for them and thousands of others.
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