WINNER! Living Oils April 2015 – 300PV Drawing

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The April 300 PV Drawing included the following items:


Ningxia Red Chrome Collection!


20th Anniversary carrying case that reveals a bottle of powerful NingXia Red in an exquisite chromed-glass bottle (750 ml) and two NingXia shot glasses. In addition, be among the very first to experience Red Shot (5 ml), a new blend of Tangerine, Mandarin, Lime, Grapefruit, Cassia, and Spearmint essentials oils found ONLY in this kit and a 15 ml bottle of Peppermint essential oil tops off this rare celebratory collection.


Those that qualified for the April 2015 – 300 PV Contest Drawing were:


Kim Cusimano  4 entries                   Stephanie Cusimano 1 entry
Kelly Dean  4 entries                         Jennifer Weiman 1 entry
Lindy Cabrera  3 entries                    Teresa Nava-Salazar 1 entry
Glee Luttmer  3 entries                      Jennifer Stinson 1 entry
Kim Greiner  1 entry                          Christia Shock 1 entry
Robin Lavelle  1 entry                        Erin Richey 1 entry
Christie Starling  1 entry                    Joquetta Galloway  1 entry
Pam Akin  5 entries


****Winner for the April 300 PV drawing is Jennifer Weiman… Congratulations Jennifer!



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Jennifer Balloun has been a part of Young Living Essential Oils for over 8 years. She has spent countless hours researching, taking classes, and attending meetings to hear testimonials and specialists speak about what the Young Living Oils products are doing for them and thousands of others.
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